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SMART Bodywork®, LLC mission is two fold:  

A: To be the fastest growing sports consultation firm for  sports event management, marketing and safety across the United States.

B. Provide independent health care practitioners with paid opportunity's in sport to advance their career at events and develop their own independent health care practice toolkit. 

Professional sports and Olympic games almost NEVER start without sports medicine / emergency services.

But for the majority of recreational participants, millions playing organized collision & contact sports, injuries happen way too often to not have sponsorship's in place in order to provide appropriate universal safety mechanisms.

​So your 501c3 needs more sponsorship? 
E-mail us! We'll add events on your calendar and marketing, donations for your cause!

  • Sports Camps
  • Race Events
  • Adventure 
  • Sports Medicine Services
  • Press Releases / Swag
  • Swag
  • Social media
  • Web Design and other IT support!

Sports Marketing 
All events have age-appropriate sponsors, swag, and sports medicine.
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